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Security Shredding / Destruction

With our service, there's not a shred of evidence.

Commercial confidentiality plays a bigger role in business today as companies look to ensure that sensitive information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Our destruction services offer a highly confidential integrated collection and disposal service for sensitive information, documents and sub-standard goods. This specialist division operates at a very high level of security to provide clients with a reliable and efficient destruction service.

The service guarantees peace of mind, with a certificate of destruction issured after each transaction. Any client is welcome to have a representative on hand to oversee the project. Various types of collection are avialable, which can be tailored to suit individual group needs, baled or loose filled skip.

We offer a recycling collection bag service. You can fill it with office paper waste, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, brochures, shredded paper, envelopes.

One of our recycling bags can hold upto 20kg of waste paper.

Data Protection number: PZ 1561407



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