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Future Animal Bedding - Questions & Answers

Q - How many bales will I need to make a perfect base/bed with or without mats?

A - The basic amount of bales needed without mats is approximately 4 / 6 bales depending on your preference on depth and stable size. This will allow in a typical stable size of approx. 10ft / 12ft roughly 3 to 4 inch base.

Q - Can I put Future Animal Bedding on top of my existing shavings base?

A - YES - there are no problems with toppin gyour existing bedding base up with our product, plus you will find that our product will help dry out your existing base.

Q - Can I mix cardboard bedding with my shavings?

A - YES - Again there is no problem mixing our product with shavings. Infact you will find that our product can help make your shavings last slightly longer as it will pull the moisture from your shavings and is a way of trying our product while you have shavings in stock.

Q - Does cardboard bedding move in the stable?

A - NO - you will find that our product unlike many others does not move once laid and if you do not use mats and prefer to have bedding bases our product is FAB!

Q - How absorbent is cardboard bedding?

A - Our product does out preferm other traditional bedding when it comes to absorbing large quantities of liquids. Tests have shown cardboard bedding to be:

5x more absorbent than straw!
4x more absorbent than shavings!

Due to the type of material we choose for our bedding it allows large quantities of liquid to flow through the top layer and be soaked up by the bottom layer so you're stable and more importantly your animal remains dry. Also with our bedding you will find if allowed and used correctly our bedding will self dry.

Q - What about odours?

A - No problem when it comes to odours our product seals in the the odour.

Q - Is this product as warm as shavings?

A - You will find that cardboard bedding is the tops when it comes to making a warm bed. All of our top users have commented on the warmth they have felt in their stable compared to shavings.

Q - Can this type of bedding be put back onto the land?

A - YES - our product is biodegradable and breaks down much quicker than other products. We have asked all our local Farmers if this bedding can be put back onto the land and the answer has been YES - Unlike shavings!

Q - Is there any contaminants in your bedding and where does the cardboard come from?

A - All the cardboard chosen for our bedding product is free from any contaminants such as:

Food waste/ Metals / Toxins / Dust

The cardboard we use here at Future Animal Bedding is specially selected from chosen sources around the country. This cardboard has never been used for packaging nor had any contents in it, it is all post packaging. When our product is put through our production line all material is dust extracted by a 6 x filter system to make sure the product is dust free!

We do hope we have answered some of your main questions but if you require some more information on our product or to locate your nearest stockiest, please do not hesitate to contact us directly either by phone or by our web site.




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