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What are the benefits of changing over to Future Animal Cardboard BEdding against traditional products?
The simple answer is FAB bedding out performs other traditional products on the market. PLUS it creates a safe more comfrotable environment for your animals and the people that care for them - YOU!

It Last Longer
It's Cost Effective
It Eliminates Odours
100% Biodegradable
It Reduces Muck Heaps
Dietary Control
Dust, Mould and Allergy FREE
Helps Respiration Problems
Toxin Free
6x More Absorbent than Straw
5x More Absorbent than Shavings

The material that this product is made form allows large quantities of liquids and ammonia acids to be absorbed instantly which is an important factor in any stable to help maintain and eliminate odours.

Stable management is also made easier with the aid of FAB bedding as there is no need to remove the whole of the bed, just the manure (which does not stick to the bedding lightening your barrow) and the saturated parts and top up when necessary - EASY.

Make the change to Future Animal Bedding Products & FEEL THE DIFFERENCE to your animal and to YOU!

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